About Christopher

Christopher Smith
     Christopher began his art career after he received his degree in biology from Montana State University. He felt that an education in biology, anatomy and physiology were necessary components to becoming a wildlife artist. But, even as a child, he had a passion for animals and a desire to capture their essence. Christopher’s grandfather encouraged him to carve in wood, but he was soon frustrated by its limitations, the lack of motion that could be portrayed. In college, when he was introduced to casting in the lost wax method, he knew immediately that he would become a bronze sculptor.

     Approaching his third decade of sculpting, Christopher creates art to increase people’s awareness of wildlife and to reveal to them nature’s inherent beauty. His desire is to express the reverence he feels when he observes animals in their natural habitat. “My favorite part of sculpting is finding an intriguing design for an animal subject, one that reveals a unique and characteristic movement.” Christopher is especially recognized for his bird sculptures. His waterfowl fountains are his signature pieces, and they have earned him a following of collectors worldwide. The newest piece in this collection is a mallard pair, offered on a variety of different cattails.

      Christopher is particularly proud of his bronzes chosen for public placement. The newest of which, “Marsh Monarchs”, one of his mallard fountains, is a peaceful addition to a courtyard in the Sinai Cancer Center in Baltimore. Nearby, his “Wall of Water,” a 12 foot high bronze fountain, cascades water in the lobby of the Cienna Building. “Stings”, are two life-size stingrays created to grace the entrance of the high school football stadium in Texas City, TX. He was also commissioned to sculpt a life-size golden retriever, specifically for the permanent collection of the Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN.

     He has traveled extensively in both North and South America, Europe, and Africa, although another research trip is always in the works. Christopher and his family reside in Caldwell, Texas, on the edge of the hill country, where he is surrounded and inspired by an abundance of wildlife. To escape the imminent heat, he spends the summer months along the coast of Maine. There he studies the creatures of Northern New England and it’s ocean region.